Making decisions for a funeral is challenging

Tree of Life for a fair range of biodegradable coffins

Tree of Life was founded based on personal experiences during a period of loss and grief. While planning a family member's farewell ceremony, we discovered that openness and transparency in the funeral industry are not always self-evident. We decided to do it our own way.

We searched for a wider choice of funeral supplies, at better prices. Our search was rewarded, resulting in a funeral that fully met our wishes. We now want to share this experience with others.

In cooperation with qualified companies, we put together a wide range of funeral baskets. We personally commission partners to produce our products with care, paying attention to costs and the environment. This enables you to make a sensible choice without paying top dollar.

We call ourselves 'The Tree of Life' to keep the thought of our deceased loved one alive. The Tree of Life stands for strength and life. This symbol is applied all over the world in both spiritual and mythological traditions. The roots and branches of the tree represent the connection between life and the afterlife. A beautiful symbol that we use with pride.

With our collection of biodegradable coffins and products, we want to offer support during the emotional period of farewell. On this page, you can find the collection of wicker coffin baskets. Would you like to speak to one of our employees for more information? Then please contact us. We are happy to assist you.