Green funeral

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Green funeral

Your conscious choice for a green funeral

A wicker basket is usually chosen for two reasons. Some people prefer it for its shape and softer appearance. Others find the fact decisive that this type of funeral casket impacts the environment to a lesser extent. On this page, we would like to inform you about the materials our baskets are made of and its perishability after a funeral or cremation.


Sustainable raw materials

Sustainable raw materials include materials that affect nature as little as possible. First, it is essential to choose crops that consume less water for their cultivation. Using parts of plants and trees (f.e., leaves, branches and roots) that grow back is another way of saving nature. Tree of Life uses willow tree branches and seagrass leaves for the baskets. The lining is made from hemp fibres. Cultivating hemp requires a quarter less water than cotton. Moreover, hemp grows on a much smaller surface. This keeps trees and plants alive and allows nature to recover.

In addition to this reduced burden on production, there is another benefit of sustainable funeral baskets. Willow branches coffins perish faster after a funeral, and they cost less energy during the cremation. This makes a funeral basket even more eco-friendly.

Because all Tree of Life baskets contain no dyes or chemicals, but only natural raw materials, the colours of the end products may vary slightly. Weather influences partly determine the colour of the cut willows, grasses and hemp fibres.


Willow branches casket quality

Are you hesitant about the solidity and quality of your sustainable choice for a willow coffin? That's not necessary. Willow baskets are skilfully woven. Weavers start with a solid base. To carry the weight of a body, durable wooden slats are used to construct the base. On top of that lies a thin wooden plate. This construction requires the minimum of additional materials, yet it is very sturdy. Moreover, in the clever design, no screws or chemically produced glues are used. The handles also consist of natural materials. The handles of the Tree of Life baskets are made of rope or flax.

For both a funeral and a cremation, you can choose a funeral basket. Even at most natural burial sites, wicker baskets are allowed.


Sustainable hemp lining

Cotton is still the most commonly used fabric in the funeral industry. Nevertheless, a lot of environmental benefits can be made by using other raw materials. For example, we use sustainable hemp fibres to make the lining. Hemp is less harmful to the environment. The lining, the pillow cover and the shroud are made from hemp. We fill the pillow (and any extra mattress you may have ordered) with straw.


Sustainable transportation

Lastly, we limit CO2 emissions during transport by using a smart way of shipping. We order each funeral basket in different sizes. For transportation purposes, the manufacturer fits the different basket sizes into one another. This limits the cargo space, allowing the ship to transport more in a single crossing.

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