Making decisions for a funeral is challenging

Tree of Life knows that. We support you.

Tree of Life was founded out of love and respect for our own lost loved ones and their bereaved relatives. During the planning of the farewell ceremonies, we discovered that not everyone defi-nes ‘quality’ and ‘cost-conscious’ the same way. Also, we found that allowing us to take our time in making personal choices was not self-evident.

We decided to take matters into our own hands. We found affordable, high-quality funeral essen-tials, such as a beautiful, solid wooden coffin, finished with shiny varnish, gorgeous ornaments and soft lining. Also, mourning cards, flowers, and candles were chosen carefully without paying top dollar.

During the planning, we discovered that making hard decisions together with our family and close relatives helped us in our mourning. We call ourselves ‘Tree of Life’ to keep the memory of the deceased alive. Now, we want to share this experience with others.

With our symbol and products, we want to offer support during an emotional period of saying farewell. The Tree of Life represents the power of life. This symbol is used all around the world, both in spiritual and mythological traditions. The roots and branches of the tree typify the con-nection between life on earth and hereafter. A beautiful symbol that we use with pride.

During our journey in organising a special and personal farewell, we acquired much knowledge. Not only about coffins, urns, and flowers. Paying attention to a meaningful venue or location, choosing the right music, mourning cards, and speeches are just as important. We gladly share our knowledge with you. We feel that no-one should have to do it alone when it comes to making decisions for a worthy yet affordable last goodbye.

On this page, you can find blogs and news. You will read more about the significant parts of a funeral. Would you prefer to speak to our staff for more in-formation? Please contact contact us today. We gladly support you.