At Tree of Life, you can find a carefully arranged assortment of coffins, luxury American caskets, urns and funeral flowers. Are you looking for an exclusive coffin because you lost a loved one? We understand that you must go through a rough time. Many people appreciate the help they can get and are open to advice. We gladly help you choose a suitable casket, urn and/or flowers offe-ring your loved-on the worthy farewell he or she deserves.


Do you want to buy a unique casket? Tree of life is a unique supplier of luxury American caskets and European coffins for Europe. We offer coffins of exceptionally high quality at affordable pri-ces, so everyone can give his or her loved one a beautiful and worthy farewell.

Tree of Life advantages

  • Coffins and funeral essentials of the highest quality
  • Caskets can be personalised
  • Available from stock within 12 hours in the Europe
  • Transparent in coffin, urns and funeral flowers prices
  • Prices include transport costs and insurance
  • Delivery to consumers and undertakers
  • We care and support you as best we can
  • Secure online payment
  • Available 24/7
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Tree of Life offers coffins of the highest quality only. To safeguard this quality, we hand-pick every casket ourselves and provide it with a matching interior and varnish. Al our products come with a Tree of Life brand quality certificate. Discover our range in the webshop or ask your local funeral center for the options.


During the funeral, a coffin plays a significant role. A certain casket can represent the character and personality of the lost loved one. Or, it can express the way you feel about the deceased person. From modern to classic, from luxury to simplicity and from natural to vibrant colours. At Tree Of Life, you can find various styles and price ranges. You can surely find a coffin meeting your needs.


The Tree of Life stands for wisdom, protection, strength, abundance, beauty and redemption. The symbol is known throughout the world and applies to both spiritual and mythological tradi-tions. With its roots and branches, the tree connects heaven and earth, which reflects our earthly existence and the after-life. A powerful and organic symbol that we use with pride.


Do you find it challenging to choose a becoming coffin?

Please reach out to us with no obligation. We gladly help you with our advice.